Activites and reportes

About our Activites 

CALAM is an association that has existed legally since 2017 by a group of young Tunisians who believe in the peaceful fight against all forms of xenophobia, intolerance and violence based on gender, sexual orientation, religion or political opinion.

In June 2017

we took action on the cause of trafficking and human smuggling in partnership with the African youth movement.

In September 2017

we organized a big concert called #GOUL where we celebrated with the artists and guests the freedom of expression.

October 2017

A partnership with the FCKEF festival and in this context the association has made a 10-day training on the making of short films with basic tools * mobile phone * with young girls and women living in rural areas. At the end of this activity the association organized a concert called #GOULI which closed the festival.

December 2017

#GOUL 2.0 a concert organized in partnership with the JTC, at the city centre where we were all said we were for freedom of expression and not at the closing.

December 2017

The company #MATAHCHEMCHCH an action that targets women victims of violence where we invited the American feminist artist MADAME GANDHI in a concert and in this context we realized a sensitivity spot that was broadcasted on social networks.

Out 2018

 KIF KIF a project where we fight for the cause of coexistence, tolerance and respect for the rights of religious minorities in Tunisia. This draft contains two parts:

Cultural phase: a documentary based on the opinion of minorities.


A document that highlights minorities’ cultures and contributions to Tunisian collective culture.

Technical phase: a round table and a space for expression and reflection on minority issues.

An advocacy campaign based on religious freedoms.

A report that contains the displacements, the aggressions against Tunisian citizens non-Muslim units.


“Nsa caffé” event is the fact of being present in a popular café mainly allocated to men and open a debate and talk about the stereotypical image of women… This event organized on May 25, 2019 in a Ramadanese evening, at Café Dar Chedli el Hafsiya was an opportunity for our three guests (Haythem makki, Arbiya Hamaddi and Rym Hamrouni) to talk about the stereotypical image of women in the media and to somehow tell their experiences or the experiences they were present. The purpose of this Caffe talk is to encourage people to ask questions and seek more about the stereotypical image of women in the media.