Mission and vision



This movement which was created by young ladies is legally an association since ajanuary 2017. We work on Human Rights, we stand against the culture of violence and we look for simplifying the concept of no violent communication. We believe that terrorism, meanwhile, is a direct result of violence (physical, verbal, social, political, economic and so on and so forth). We consider ourselves a response to pacific and civic to what happened in Bardo in March 18, 2015 and to all terrorist or violent act. An alternative is necessary today given the critical a status which our country is witnessing, and we believe in ourselves as an alternative.



    We struggle for changing the actual youth image known in the world. We would like to prove that Tunisian youths are not only known by terrorist acts in the world, but by the positive change and the combat against violence. We look for establishing the culture of nonviolence and coexistence through projects run by youths and women. Our axes of work are respectively: Peacebuilding, Awareness, Capacity-building and researching. We use the digital and Art to attend our objectives